The Barr


Drop in any time. Dress is casual.

The Saskatoon Club’s unique setting for casual drinks and dining. The name comes from the Barr Colonists – a group of entrepreneurial individuals from England who, inspired by Rev. Barr of England (a better promoter than organizer), travelled west across Canada in 1903, stopping off at Saskatoon on their way to eventually settle in what is now Lloydminster. In seeking their fortune in a new land, they would have shared many of the ideals and values of those who founded The Saskatoon Club just a few years later, in 1907. Thus, it is fitting that those who want to “take a break from their pursuit of prosperity” stop in at The Barr at the Saskatoon Club!
The Barr is the Club’s sanctuary for a casual lunch, a drink with friends and colleagues after work or a special client or staff event. Located on the lower level of the club, this beautifully renovated lounge has the perfect atmosphere for relaxation. For a more casual lunch, appetizers and dinners, The Barr has a great selection on its menu – along with wide-screen TV’s to entertain you.

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